At Successful Learning your preschooler can have the opportunity to practice the skills they’ll need for a smooth and successful transition into kindergarten and their school career.

The Successful Learning School Readiness Program is an individually tailored program consisting of one-on-one sessions with an experienced kindergarten teacher. During the first session, your child’s learning needs and skills will be assessed to ensure the rest of the program is tailored to their individual learning requirements. Each subsequent session will consist of activities covering a combination of both practical and academic skills that will be required in the kindergarten classroom.

Some examples of skills that may be included in the school readiness program are:


  • self-care (e.g. hanging own bag, packing and unpacking belongings, opening and closing lunch containers etc),
  • using scissors and glue sticks correctly and independently,
  •  maintaining correct pencil grip,
  • fine motor skills,
  • concentrating and focusing on a set task,
  • attempting difficult tasks,
  • following simple and more complex instructions;


  •  identifying and writing own name,
  •  identifying text on a page and understanding directionality of reading,
  •  identifying and producing rhyming words,
  • identifying and producing words with the same start sound,
  • identifying some or all letter sounds and/or names,
  • identifying and/or writing some letters and numbers correctly,
  • counting forwards and backwards,
  • one-to-one correspondence when counting visible objects


Please note: Some or all of the skills listed above may be addressed during your child’s program. Skills will be prioritised and taught as appropriate to each child’s development and learning needs. If you have any further questions regarding the content of Successful Learning’s School Readiness Program, please do not hesitate to call or email using the details on our contact page.